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Do braces work for adults?

19th July 2019

Although childhood is the ideal time to correct the positioning of the teeth, orthodontics absolutely works for adults. In a lot of adult cases, we will quite often use Invisalign as the aligners are clear and because of their ability to be removed for eating and cleaning.

Advanced adult brace technology

With the introduction of the iTero scanner, gooey dental impressions are a near thing of the past. Using the iTero scan of your teeth Invisalign, custom braces, and other orthodontic appliances can be fabricated more accurately than they could have before and without the gaggy impressions. In just minutes, the digital scanner gives accurate simulations of treatment results. It’s especially important to understand treatment expectations with adult orthodontics because, for adults, orthodontics can be a great aesthetic and confidence enhancement.

Accelerated results for adults have become much less invasive and much more convenient. Fast orthodontic results can be achieved with appliances like Acceledent®. It can increase the speed of tooth movement 30-50% using soft, pulsed vibration. All you have to do is bite down on the appliance for 20 minutes a day and you can wear it while doing other activities.

Aesthetic Adult brace options

Whether you want something like Invisalign (clear and convenient), ceramic braces (less noticeable than normal braces and non-removable), or lingual braces (completely invisible, fixed behind the teeth) we have plenty of aesthetic adult brace options available to you.

Advantages of Adult braces

When adults choose to have braces, they are instant more committed to the success of their orthodontic treatment. Being committed to attending appointments, oral hygiene and generally taking care of the orthodontic appliance is a huge advantage of adult braces as it makes the orthodontic journey hassle-free, smooth and altogether faster.

Limitations of Adult braces

Because adults are not actively growing certain bite problems cannot be corrected as the growth cannot be modified or harnessed as it can in children. You’ll need to make sure you’re ‘dentally fit’ before starting orthodontics. As adults have a longer dental history and typically more fillings and crowns we’ll need to ensure everything is in order before treatment starts.

If you’ve had braces in the past we’ll need to check the health and length of your roots too, orthodontic treatment causes a safe amount of root shortening but too many or long a course of orthodontics can mean retreating very complex cases isn’t possible. A simple OPG radiograph will let us know for sure.

If you’d like to know more about our adult brace options or you’d like to book a free iTero result simulation scan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or book a free consultation online.

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