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Keeping braces clean

18th March 2019

Having brackets and wires fitted to your teeth can feel a bit alien, to begin with. This can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge to keeping braces clean. Typically braces are fitted because you want them or you need them, either way, a small amount of commitment is required.but they do require a small…

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Affordable brace treatment

11th March 2019

We understand that the higher value treatment plans aren’t immediately affordable to all.  So we offer a number of ways to facilitate affordable brace treatment. All our fees are all inclusive with no hidden extras! The fee you see is what you’ll pay to get you to the smile you love and includes a set of…

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New retainers or braces

4th March 2019

You’ve had braces but now your teeth have moved, do you need new retainers or braces? Moving teeth is like moving a fence post through the ground. As soon as you let go your teeth want to go back to where they came from. Especially really twisted and wonky ones! Which is why all our treatment fees…

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At Home Braces

25th February 2019

We’ve seen a growing promotion of ‘At Home Braces’ across social media platforms. The Do-It-Yourself treatment promises straight teeth direct from your home.  The premise behind it is you take the impression and a laboratory makes your series of aligners. You wear and change them at home. Without ever seeing a dental professional!? … And ‘Voila!’,…

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Do Braces Hurt?

5th February 2019

For many patients, there is a fear of the unknown when it comes to braces. Let us reassure you, orthodontics is by its very nature is one of the more gentle branches of dentistry, there are no injections or needles or numbing. Your first consultation will be completely pain-free, your orthodontist will examine and measure your…

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Why is there an NHS waiting list?

8th January 2019

Your child has had their consultation and you’re keen to start their treatment but the reception tells you “You’ve joined the waiting list, we’ll be in touch to book the next appointments”.  The world of NHS dental contracts often leaves our patients asking us why they can’t start their NHS orthodontic treatment immediately.  We understand…

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Jaw Surgery

6th December 2018

If you’d like to straighten your teeth but have been told you need Jaw Surgery to get your desired result, you’re most likely wondering why. You may or may not have noticed that there is a discrepancy between your jaws? For ideal function, health and aesthetics your top and bottom jaw should fit together like…

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Pros and Cons of Lingual Braces

5th November 2018

Lingual braces are traditional fixed braces that are fitted behind your teeth. While we consider them to be a  relatively new innovation, they were actually invented in the 1970s by two orthodontists simultaneously; one was based in Japan and the other in the United States. Their early design was quite bulky and initially not even…

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What can I expect with Invisalign®?

20th September 2018

Your Invisalign treatment will begin with a Specialist Orthodontic consultation. We ask for the £40 consultation fee to be paid when booking to secure your appointment. This is fully refundable if you let us know you can’t make it within 24 hours. During your consultation, we’ll examine your smile, and take a large X-ray of all of…

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How fast are fast braces?

13th March 2018

  We very much live in an instant, ‘I’d like it yesterday’ kind of world – where everyone wants fast braces and an instant smile makeover. So how fast are fast braces really? And what does fast braces mean for you?  In truth, you’ll need to see a specialist orthodontist to get an accurate estimate…

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