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These braces are fitted to the teeth in a similar way to traditional fixed braces but are known as ‘self-litigating’ because they don’t require elastic ties. Self-litigating braces, such as Damon™ braces, use a special slide mechanism which allows the wires to move with the teeth as they are straightened. They also come with a clear bracket option, so your teeth can be realigned in a less noticeable way.

Even though treatment times with self-litigating braces are often shorter, they actually use gentler forces than normal braces and have ultra-light wires that move your teeth to a better position.


  • Faster acting and more comfortable

  • Fewer adjustments required due to the unique sliding mechanism

  • Less friction created

  • Easier to clean

  • Less likely that dental extractions will be required

Don’t forget!

You will need to wear a retainer following treatment to make sure your teeth stay in their new position.

If you want to reduce your overall treatment time, it’s important to take care of your braces, attend scheduled appointments and stick to the advice given by your orthodontist.

Click here to download our brace care document.

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