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10 Things Ben Wished He Knew About Invisalign

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Anthony Lam BDS (Hons), MSc (Lond), MOrth RCS (Edin)

6th March 2020

Ben recently started his Invisalign journey, here’s 10 things he wishes he knew sooner!


You can see your result before you start

No Obligation. No Fee. ‘Try before you buy!” with a free iTero Scan. 



If someone notices that you’re wearing Invisalign, they’re standing too close! Ask them to look up ‘personal space’  😉


Doesn’t affect speech

It’s unlikely that the aligners will effect your speech. If you experience any lisping then it will settle within the first couple of aligners. It seems counter-intuitive, but speak aloud as much as you can. Read aloud to yourself to give your soft tissues time to adapt.



“I can brush and floss normally and can take them out for a night out or a work meeting. The Invisalign aligners are virtually impossible when they’re in, so it’s a win win!”


Invisalign is comfortable

The SmartTrack aligners are super thin, light and smooth. They are 3D printed especially for you, so fit like a glove!


Precision attachments are fitted for detailed results

Tooth coloured dots of filling material are placed in specific places on some teeth to deliver the finest of tooth detailing. Not everyone needs attachments, you will find out where AlignTech plan your at the ClinCheck stage of your treatment.


It’s not expensive

The costs are similar to traditional fixed braces.


Payment options make it affordable

0% Finance is available with variable deposit options and a 5% discount is offered for treatment upfront. (You could get a 0% credit card, pay upfront and save some money!) Book a free consultation today to discuss the best option for you.


Not all treatment is created equal

It’s important to pick your clinician carefully. A 3D scan, photographs and x-rays are sent to Invisalign to create your tailored treatment plan. A specialist orthodontist will submit a treatment prescription on a case by case basis to meet and exceed your expectations and avoid using algorithms alone! Without this knowledge, care and experience there’s a potential for harmful movements to your teeth and gums to be automated.


It actually works!

We truly wouldn’t offer it to you if it didn’t. The aligners are a fantastic, versatile treatment that’s suitable for everyone. You have to wear your aligners and be honest with us and with yourself. Though, we can always add ‘wear indicators’ if you’re not 100% confident in your commitment.


Start your journey to straight teeth today!

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