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Invisalign Smile Transformation

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Medically reviewed by: Dr Anthony Lam BDS (Hons), MSc (Lond), MOrth RCS (Edin) Specialist Orthodontist and Clinical Lecturer at Guy's Hospital, London.

23rd June 2021
Before Getting Braces

Featured Smile Transformation

Tom started his smile transformation journey in November 2019. He started his treatment with Invisalign and achieved a 90% perfect result in time for his wedding in August 2020.

After his mini honeymoon he returned to us for complimentary fixed ceramic braces to really fine tune and finesse his result.

His before and afters have even blown us away. It’s a real example of how patient compliance and dedication really perfect their results. Well Done Tom!

Before And After

smile transformation
smile transformation
smile transformation
smile transformation

Dr Anthony Lam was asked to “Improve my whole smile” The result is magnificent and Tom was blown away, Achieving a smile beyond what he’d imagined.

Patient’s Concerns and Desired Outcome

Tom presented with a very difficult case with a number of orthodontic issues, including a very prominent tongue thrust which can make orthodontic movement very tricky.

His teeth were extremely crowded, his bite was malaligned and he had a very obvious cant to his smile, from a knock during a rugby match.

Tom had fixed braces as a teenager, but sadly never wore his retainer or a gum shield during contact sports!

Tom’s Main Areas Of Concern Were:

  • General Crowding
  • Anterior Open Bite (He couldn’t use his front teeth to bite into a sandwich! Especially one with lettuce and bacon!)
  • His lower incisor was disappearing behind his other teeth, making it impossible to keep clean
  • His upper right lateral incisor looked ‘missing’ at some angles and in some photos

The Treatment Plan

Tom has a very client facing job and was concerned abut wearing fixed braces for a long time.

So, after a long assessment and discussion about his desired outcome versus the possible outcome and the best Orthodontic treatment for his case; Dr Anthony Lam suggested that he complete 90% of his treatment with Invisalign. And then, he could either accept the slightly less than perfect result or he could refine and finesse the result with fixed braces for a shorter period of time, after his wedding.

It was also imperative that Tom committed to wearing his Invisalign Aligners perfectly, for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

Orthodontic Treatment

– Upper and Lower Invisalign

– Interproximal Reduction and Attachments

– Removal of Attachments and Temporary Composite Bonding (the temporary bonding gave the illusion of level anterior incisors for Toms wedding)

– Fixed Upper and Lower Ceramic Braces

– Elastic Wear

– Brace Debond

– Fixed and Removable Retainers

The Results

We were even surprised at what a fantastic result Tom and our Team at Orthodontic Gallery achieved. It’s better than we all thought it might be, given the complexity of the case. His transformation is testament to Tom’s dedicated aligner and elastic wear. As well as, the skilled treatment planning, bracket placement and wire bending by Dr Anthony Lam & The Orthodontic Therapists. What a fantastic Smile Transformation!

Smile Transformation
Smile Transformation
Smile Transformation

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