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Invisible Braces

24th June 2019

Without a doubt, the demand for an invisible way to straighten teeth is high. Invisible braces allow you to straighten your teeth with no visible metal brackets and wires. For some, the idea of getting braces isn’t a nice one – invisible braces allow you to transform your smile without and self-consciousness and free from any stigma.

Many types of orthodontics branding themselves as “invisible braces” – but, in truth, the only truly invisible brace option is a lingual brace.

invisible braces

Invisalign is a very near invisible brace option but the series of clear aligners can still be seen. The Invisalign SmartTrack Aligners sit incredibly close your tooth’s surface and providing you haven’t stained them by drink things other than water with them in – they are incredibly hard to notice but they can still be seen to a certain degree.

Lingual braces however, are truly hidden braces as they are fitted to the back surface of your tooth, where your tongue sits.

Invisible braces are suitable for all age groups – children, adolescents and adults. The hidden brace brackets can have a slight effect on your speech, eating and cleaning and require a higher level of diligence to ensure the brace brackets and wires are kept clean, leaving them to move freely.

The benefit to Lingual braces over Invisalign aligners is that your orthodontist remains in total control from the beginning to the end of your treatment and allows your orthodontist to achieve precise movements. Invisalign aligners rely heavily on patient cooperation and the aligners being worn for upwards of 22hours a day. If you’re forgetful or you misplace things Lingual braces are most definitely the invisible brace option for you.

And, of course, they’re invisible – Lingual braces are a lovely way to watch your teeth transform before your very eyes without being hidden by aligners, brackets or wires.

invisible braces

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